ZEBRA HAWORTHIA PROPAGATION – How to propagate The Zebra Haworthia pups

Start Your First Garden, From The Ground Up

Starting your first garden really starts with your base; the ground. Just like a well made house a garden needs a good foundation.

How To Know What To Grow In Your Garden

Make your garden more effective by taking time to figure out what to grow. It will truly budget your space wisely.

5 Things You’ll Need To Start Your Own Garden

There are a number of steps to take for your very first garden; even before you get you hands dirty. But following a simple step-by-step plan will set you on the path of gardening success.

Pre-Planting For Your Garden

Any window can become the beginning of your garden planting area. Save and pre-plant your garden yourself.

Culinary Genius?

Interested in improving your cooking? Want to surprise the family? Read on…

Gardening: To Weed Or Not?

The only thing that can possibly hold the gardener back from gardening bliss is… weeds. Learning what to do with the pesky weeds can get back that gardening bliss.

Ikebana Flower Arrangement

From the christening of a flower’s name to its extraordinary characteristics and bewildering mythology, flowers are combined with symbolism and meaning. It has taken many years to begin to understand these hidden meanings, unearth these floral diamonds and enthrall you towards whole new dialect – flower language. The Japanese named the term Hanakotoba.

Planting a Bed of Heirloom Asparagus Seeds

Preparing a bed of heirloom asparagus seeds will produce tender shoots that reseed for decades. An established history of the use of this vegetable has lent to its popularity with home gardeners.

Creating the Perfect Space to Relax in Your Garden

When designing your home it’s very important not to forget to create space for relaxing. Many of us will focus so much on creating rooms for particular purposes – whether that be eating or working – that we will forget to create anywhere to just relax.

Making Your Garden Fun and Safe for Your Kids

When kids come along everything changes, and more so than you will likely be prepared for. Sure you knew that you probably wouldn’t be able to go out as often, and that you’d be likely to spend quite a lot of money, but did you think about the other little things?

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