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How Landscaping Can Add Value To Your Home

If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, or have just been wondering how you can add value to your property, garden landscaping is definitely a good way to do it. Street appeal is one of the main factors when it comes to adding value to your property, so landscaping your front yard will go a long way towards doing this. This is the first area of your home that potential buyers and visitors see, so it’s the place to make the first impression count.

What Is Aquaponics for Your Health and Your Economy

An Aquaponics garden not only means healthy organic vegetables and fish for you and your family, but it can also mean added income for you. It’s a definite no lose situation.

Planning Your Garden and Planting in February Is Rewarding

Planning your garden and planting in February can be very rewarding. With spring just around the corner, February gives garden lovers ample time to spend in the garden. There is a lot that you can accomplish this month.

What Are the Best Plants to Use to Landscape a Small Yard?

If you’re thinking of designing and installing a new landscape in a small yard, there are a few very important things you must know before you ever stick a shovel in the ground. Small gardens, especially may have multiple micro climates that need special attention.

Indoor Seed Starting – Easy and Economical

Seed starting is a very hot and growing hobby right now. A few years ago seed starting began to gain popularity and it has really gained momentum every year since. Everyone has the “grow your own” attitude and when you stop and think about it there are numerous benefits.

How Grape Vines Shutdown When Under Stress

Vines have a really useful systems SHUT DOWN mechanism. If physiology-cell-tissue variables Red-Line then the chemical signals in the leaves, shoots and grapes start to move. Chemicals like mammal hormones move though much slower and the message is to SHUT DOWN. If the season is too tough then they will just shut down for the season, it just sends messages to the leaves that ok that’s enough for this year we are shutting up shop, we will try again next year.

Gardening To Feed Your Family

If you are concerned about the health of your family then you will want to think about gardening to feed your family. Gardening for fun and health has sky rocketed in popularity. The amount of chemicals in our environment is starting to made people stop and think about the direction of our society and what they can do about it.

Sowing Vegetable Seeds in Containers

The key to successful vegetable gardening is raising healthy plants that will yield a good crop. Most vegetables can be grown from seed. You can grow vegetables from seed one of two ways – either by planting the seed directly into the ground or by sowing in containers or modules and planting the young seedlings into the ground later. Raising vegetable plants in pots takes more time and work but has a number of advantages.

Planning Your Garden and Planting in March

March is an important time for the garden as there is plenty to do as spring arrives. It is time to work on the lawn, prepare any water features, order seeds for sowing, turn and fork in compost, prune, trim and take cuttings, sow vegetables, and generally prepare the garden for the busy months ahead.

Aquaponis – The Importance of Water and Its Quality

Water quality consists of eight important components. They are pH, ammonia, nitrite/nitrate, bacteria, temperature, oxygen, alkalinity, and source. Aquaponic growing systems are all about water, and all these components have a very important role in having a successful system.

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