What’s Interesting About Kalanchoe Fedtschenkoi

Too Much Water

‘Too much water’ isn’t a phrase that we hear very much in Australia – usually it’s the opposite. But after years of drought, heavy rainfall in New South Wales, and other areas has caused some unexpected problems.

Backyard Greenhouse Advantages

Explore the advantages of having a backyard greenhouse. They can be a multi purpose structure, not just for growing plants but to enhance your yard’s esthetic quality.

Choosing the Best Bonsai Tree

Choosing the best bonsai tree is simple. Pick a bonsai based on the amount of experience you have in growing bonsais. If you are a beginner or you are buying as a gift, you should choose a care free bonsai tree at a reasonable price. Although a lot of indoor bonsai trees say “Carefree” you still have to water daily and maintain growth. Move onto more difficult bonsais as your experience grows.

Garden Nursery: Why You Should Support Your Local Garden Centers

More and more, people are choosing to give their business to the big stores for their plants and shrubbery rather than paying a visit to their local nursery or garden center. While many of these big retailers offer prices many smaller operations simply can’t compete with, opting to purchase from a local garden nursery offers several benefits that aren’t available from chain stores.

System Requirements for Fish Aquaponics

You want to grow fish and plants at the same time? Then fish aquaponics is the best way to make it possible. Now that this farming system has been developed, you can now be able to use this system as a way to grow your own plants with lesser maintenance, plus the privilege of growing your fish, with no hassle feeding them.

Top 5 Mistakes Made By New Gardeners

When planning a garden, one of the most important things to remember is the phrase “Right plant – Right place”. Here are some of the things that new gardeners often fail to consider when planning a garden…

Early Origins Of The Orchid Farm And Orchidology

Anyone who owns or runs an orchid farm today owes this lucrative occupation to the efforts of some of the early pioneers in orchid cultivation. Orchids were initially considered to be difficult to germinate from seeds. Exposure to weather conditions unlike their native environment did not help either and the first botanists to attempt cultivation did not quite understand their reproductive functioning.

A Few of the Best Summer Bedding Plants

Summer bedding is an inexpensive and colourful way to fill out spaces in your garden during the summer months. There is a huge array of plants to choose from, some more suited to flower borders, while others best dotted around the flower borders. Whatever plants you choose, make sure you don’t bring them out of the greenhouse until the risk of frost is long gone, and when you do bring them outside, acclimatise them first by placing them into a cold frame or leaving them outside during warmer days and bringing them in again at night. Summer bedding plants can be grown from seed, bought as plug plants or as fully grown plants for an instant display. Here are some of my favourites.

Four Key Points to Successful Window Sill Organic Garden Growing

Window sill organic garden growing is growing in popularity with more and more growing kits being introduced onto the market. The crops are mainly salad based with short sowing to cropping times. Growing on the window sill is a great way for children to be come involved and will probably encourage them to eat salads thus providing them with the fresh organic nutrients that they require to grow up healthy and strong.

Growing Scented Geraniums

Geraniums are actually members of the Pelagonium family of plants. Pelagoniums are perennials native to Southern Africa. Because they are drought and heat tolerant, they can only withstand very minor frosts and so are normally grown in Britain as annuals unless they are kept in a conservatory or on a sunny window sill. Scented geraniums are extremely popular garden plants and come with a surprising variety of fragrances. Here is a short guide on how to grow them and some of my favourite varieties.

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