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Clay Vs Grass Tennis Courts

Until the early 20th century, the game of Tennis was played on grass courts. However, wanting a surface that was more durable, required less maintenance and was easier on the players’ bodies, contractors first came up with clay courts-which proved to be a major hit-and, more recently, artificial grass. For those old-fashioned players, however, natural grass is still a favorite. It is highly debated today which court is best for the centuries old game – clay, natural grass, or synthetic grass? You decide.

Bush Beans: From Seed to Harvest

There’s the Golden Wax, harvester and Royal Burgundys. These are three of the many varieties of Bush Beans available to grow at home. If you have never grown bush beans before you are really missing out. They are easy to grow and have a high yield per plant. Best of all they are extremely easy to start from seed, and that means, you will save money on your food bill.

3 Popular Aquaponics Design That You Can Start Off

Aquaponics is a word derived from the combination of raising aquatic animals (aquaculture), and cultivating water plants (hydroponics). A system that includes a mutually beneficial relationship between aquaculture and hydroponics is referred to as a hydroponics system. In such a symbiotic system, water from aquaculture, full of effluents, is directed to a hydroponic system whereby filtration of the waste matter in the water is done.

Growing Miniature Roses – Choosing the Right Kind

As we all know, miniature roses are kinds of roses which is trained to stay mini or little. They come with smaller flowers and plants compared to the normal roses. But did you know that mini roses bloom more than normal roses? Now, that’s really an additional bonus. Not only that, there are different types of miniature roses you can grow and if you want to start growing miniature roses, then here’s for a head start.

Reducing PH When It Goes Up

The role of pH in the hydroponics system as well as in the soil gardening is very significant. For each growing plant there’s a specific pH level that helps in producing the optimal results. If pH doesn’t stay in the right level, plants’ hydroponics level will lose the capacity in absorbing the essential nutrients.

How to Give the Right Food Nutrients to Hydroponic Plants

Hydroponics is a kind of market gardening which helps plants to grow by using a water system, rather than the traditional way of putting plants in the ground. The water system is full of necessary nutrients to help plants grow healthily and faster.

An Introduction to Potting Mixes for House Plants

The soil used for house plants can make a huge difference to the plants’ health, making careful selection of a suitable potting mix vital. Knowing what is in a potting mix and why it is there helps to make informed decisions.

An Automated Irrigation System Makes Life Easier For You And Your Garden

We can all agree that lawn and garden maintenance is not as easy as it looks. A lot of hard work, effort and planning goes into ensuring that your miniature ecosystem not only survives, but flourishes. Even with all of the planning and effort in the world, you also need the help of Mother Nature to give your garden the best possible chance at success. Unfortunately, 2 months of hard work and care can be ruined by a couple days of hot weather and lack of water.

Spice Up Your Summer With An Herb Garden

Growing herbs at home can be a simple and fulfilling project that yields wonderful – and useful – results. If you have never before embarked on such a botanical conquest, rest assured that only a few important tips are needed to make something beautiful and aromatic-and practice makes perfect.

English Ivy – An Excellent Groundcover Plant For Your Garden

Growing groundcover plants in the garden is a great way of adding vibrant color and texture to the landscape. Groundcover plants are generally low-growing varieties that spread quickly and cover the area beautifully. Apart from their aesthetic beauty, these plants serve many other purposes in the garden and the most important one is that they protect the soil from getting damaged due to various reasons.

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