Top 10 BEST Gifts For Plant Lovers And Enthusiasts

My top 10 recommended gifts for anyone who loves houseplants, every one of these gift ideas are super practical and will not go to waste! I made this video because Christmas time is coming and often my family asks me what i would like for Christmas and i can never think of anything. So heres a really solid list for those of you struggling to think of good gifts for loved ones who love houseplants.

Here are the links (affiliate links)
#1 Temp and Humidity Sensor
AcuRite Monitor for Greenhouse:

16oz Spray Bottle:

Large Pump Hand Sprayer

Super Moss Sphagnum moss

Mosquito Bits

Neem oil

#7 ( fiskars works well too )
Chikamasa pruning scissors

BN-LINK outlet timer

Clear Bin
Buy one at a physical store, they are way to expensive on amazon

Giftcards to plant nurseries!

Go To Gardening Stuff ( Amazon Affiliate Links )


200 True Watts
For High Yield Fruiting and Vegetable Plants
Niello – ( STRONG )

40 True Watts
Houseplants/leafy greens ( great for shelves )
Barrina Full Spectrum –

36 True Watts
Works great in light fixtures

Random Necessities_______________________________________________

Timers For Your Lights –
Temperature and Humidity Meter –
The Greatest Mister Ever –
Chikamasa Garden Scissors –


Fungus Gnat Removal (leverages a bacteria that kills only fungus gnats and mosquitos)
Misquito Bits –
Sphagnum Moss –
Orchid/Aroid Mix –

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