Three High-Light Houseplants

A Simple Calendar For Your Garden

Here is a basic calendar of the essential jobs you need to do each month to ensure your garden is both attractive and productive. Depending on how far north or south you live in the UK, you may need to vary this calendar one way or the other by a week or two.

Gardening With Aquaponics

Meat products supply protein. Fruits and vegetables supply complex carbohydrates. Meats provide amino acids. Fruits and vegetables provide vitamins and minerals. The combination of these two foods accompanied by dairy and grains help to keep our bodies healthy. Gardening with aquaponics may be a hobby or a farming method you and your family may enjoy.

Plant Propagation Methods – Layering and Cuttings

There are plenty of outlets where you can buy new plants for your garden, but sometimes it’s more fun and cheaper to create them yourself. You may have a favourite lavender plant that you would like more of but have found difficult to find again, or you may want to produce some spare plants to give to friends. Propagating most garden plants is actually quite simple. Two basic methods of propagating plants are layering and taking cuttings. Here is a short guide to producing new plants using these methods.

Miniature Gardening – The Newest Trend in Gardening

Miniature and fairy gardens are a fun way to create a pint-size realistic landscape that capture the atmosphere and magnificence in a natural landscape. They are intriguing to make and catch the attention of people of all ages.

A Guide To Have Persimmon And Apricot Trees

If you are a beginning gardener or new homeowner, you might be interested in growing some trees. They add beautiful green foliage and shade to your garden. The weather where you live will be the determining aspect in what type of trees you grow.

Lawn Maintenance Tips – A Calendar of Lawn Care

Those avid gardeners amongst us will know all too well the importance of a well thought out lawn maintenance regime. Balancing an effective lawn care diary with the hectic nature of daily life can be tricky but if you want your garden to look as beautiful as it can all year round, then this balancing is essential…

1000W HPS Ballast – A Premier Lighting System for Growing

When it comes to heavy duty growing, you need to make sure that you are getting the best kind of products and accessories out there. In other words, you need to make sure that you have the ability to improve your flowering and the overall aggressiveness of your plants and flowers, but you also want to be able to control your growth, this way you can reap maximum pleasure and quality.

Herb Gardening: Planting Made So Easy!

Gardening can really be fun and exciting to do at the comfort our home. Most specially when we have herbs and shrubs planted to our garden, this seems a big accomplishment already.

Rose Gardening: Enjoy The Rich History, Fragrance and Benefits of Roses

Roses are the “queen” among the types of flowers that many people prefer to have in their gardens. Some enthusiasts choose these plants by their fragrance, and some choose them for their color(s), but all the growers would love to be the envy of their neighborhoods when they show off their special flowers The history of roses is fascinating. It is thought that cultivation of these specimens began in China about 5,000 years ago.

How To Grow And Use Asparagus

Asparagus is a member of the Lily family of plants and is a real challenge to grow organically, on a large scale, but if you keep your plot small and contained, you might have better luck then many large scale growers. The main problem is that it does not have the dense foliage of a crop like rhubarb that easily suppress weeds so in the early stages it must be hand weeded. In addition, if you do not contain the plant in same manner it will tend to wander about the garden year by year.

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