The Ultimate Low-Cost Tomato Trellis for Polytunnels & Greenhouses

Tomatoes are my most valuable crop that I grow because of their versatility, flavour and amazing harvests that I relish every single summer. Due to my climate I grow tomatoes undercover to get the best results and that means I can also set up a semi-permanent setup that I can use for years. I share the dead-simple method I use every growing season when it comes to creating a simple tomato trellis system for the best possible results and easy to take down at the end of the season.

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Introduction 0:00
What are indeterminate tomatoes? 0:24
Why do we need to support tomatoes? 0:40
Why I grow tomatoes undercover 1:00
Installing the permanent overhead supports 1:36
Short-term alternative 3:34
What string to use 3:52
Attaching string to the wire 4:40
How to tie up tomato plants 5:30
A note on string tension 7:48
2 great benefits of this method 8:22
Plastic free tomato trellis 8:52
Final words 9:20

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