The NO RULES Vegetable Gardening Method | 9 Key Lessons from a Year of Growing Intuitively

This was an experimental growing season for me as I decided to go without a gardening plan and follow a style of no rules gardening coupled with intuitive vegetable gardenig to see how the year would turn out. It is now the end of the growing seasons so it’s time to look at what happened, what the 9 key lessons I learnt were, and what that means for the next growing season. I really hope you find this video useful and next week’s video is all about Lazy Composting.

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0:00 Introduction
0:54 Lesson 1
1:45 Lesson 2
3:05 Lesson 3
4:20 Lesson 4
6:08 Permaculture Article
6:35 Lesson 5
8:03 Lesson 6
9:18 Lesson 7
10:07 Lesson 8
11:11 Lesson 9
12:43 What next?

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