The Most Beautiful Indoor Plant Foliage, Leaf by Leaf! | 18 Plants

In this video I will highlight some of my favorite plant foliage, leaf by leaf! Some are rare plants, some are vining plants, some are Prayer plants!

My favorite most beautiful indoor plants by foliage are:

1. Angel Wing Begonia
2. Monstera deliciosa Thai Constellation
3. Monstera deliciosa Albo variegata
4. Crocodile Fern
5. Syngonium Maria
6. Scindapsus Silver Satin
7. Calathea pinstripe / Calathea ornata
8. Rattlesnake Calathea / Calathea lancifolia
9. Stromathe triostar
10. Chinese Evergreen Siam Aurora/ Aglaonema Siam Aurora
11. Ctenanthe burle marxii
12. Syngonium albo variegatum
13. Chinese evergreen Silverado / Aglaonema silverado
14. Hoya macrophylla
15. Philodendron brasil
16. Philodendron birkin
17. Alocasia Polly
18. Calathea rufibarba

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