The LED Lights I Use AND Recommend And Why!

I unbox a ton of lights, but these are the ones I actually like using and I think are worth it!

The Barrina grow lights are by far the most useful light I own, and if you are going to pick up any of these lights the Barrina ones are what I would recommend every time. I do know some people who have grown veggies with these as well. On top of this. Barrina is the only company who has NOT sent me a light for free so there is 0 bias. I just think if you are going to spend some money on lights these will fit whatever your setup evolves into!

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Barrina Lights

SANSI Lights




Random Necessities_______________________________________________

Timers For Your Lights –
Temperature and Humidity Meter –
The Greatest Mister Ever –
Chikamasa Garden Scissors –


Fungus Gnat Removal (leverages a bacteria that kills only fungus gnats and mosquitos)
Misquito Bits –
Sphagnum Moss –
Orchid/Aroid Mix –

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