The Art of Lazy Composting | How to Make High-Quality Compost the Simple Way

Lazy composting. It is my favourite way to make fantastic homemade compost and is perfect for anyone looking for a simple way to make compost in your own vegetable gardens. backgardens or allotments. Whilst methods like hot composting have their benefits, they often need a lot of intensive work in a short space of time, as well as a lot of ingredients all in one go. Lazy composting is far more accessible for homegrowers and there is only one simple rule you need to follow when it comes to adding things to your compost bin.

This video is suitable if you’re a beginner looking up ‘how to make compost’ as well as seasoned gardeners who are after a more ‘no rules composting method’ to follow. I am sharing the composting technique we have been using for over 15 years to make fantastic homemade compost for our permaculture kitchen garden.

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Green Materials:
Used coffee grounds & plastic-free teabags
Unseeded weeds
Fruit & veg scraps
Lawn clippings
Horse & cow manure
Finished plants/plant tops
Comfrey & Nettles
Spent brewery grain if you have a local brewers
Hair clippings from the barber

Brown materials:
Dust from vacuuming
Cardboard & newspaper
Wood chippings & sawdust
Autumn leaves
Hay & straw
Autumn & winter prunings
Pine needles

Pet bedding from herbivores

0:00 Introduction
0:39 What to Expect
1:02 What is Compost?
1:14 Size of bin needed
1:54 Greens and Browns
2:22 Grass Clippings Tip
2:57 Adding Ingredients the Lazy Way
3:49 The One Rule
5:04 When a bin is full
6:29 When is Compost Ready?
7:30 A Note on Rats
8:20 How Many Bins to Have

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