The 10 Most Productive Crops to Sow in July

I have good news! The sowing season is far from over, and even though there is a huge number of crops we can still be sowing, I decided to outline what I think are the 10 most productive crops to sow in July. The crops are in no particular order and suited primarily for a zone 7/8 climate. I really hope this helps you work out how to fill upcoming gaps that may emerge over the next couple of months when the spring crops are cleared out.

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Crop 1 0:29
Crop 2 1:21
Crop 3 2:13
Crop 4 3:07
Crop 5 4:28
Crop 6 5:10
Crop 7 5:58
Crop 8 7:02
Crop 9 7:48
Crop 10 8:59
Second Spring Shoutout 10:00
Filling gaps in the garden 10:34

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What to sow in July

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