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March in the Flower Garden

Even in the smallest garden there is always plenty to do. March heralds the start of spring when plant growth in the garden begins to accelerate. Here is a handy list of vital jobs to be doing in the flower garden during March to help you keep on top of your gardening at the start of a busy new season.

5 Organic Gardening Best Practices for the Beginner

Gardening provides your family with many tasty and nutritional fruits and vegetables. One way you can enhance them even more is to grow your plants following organic practices. Read on to learn five different organic best practices that will help you start your journey in organic gardening.

Tree Advice – How to Control Root Systems

Invasive tree roots pose a serious issue for many gardeners and landscapers. Fortunately, there a number of ways to keep vigorous root systems in check.

Overwintering Your Ponds And Water Features

Water features take a decent investment of time, effort and money to set up, and no-one wants to then see them come to harm during the winter period. With the right information and attitude it’s easy to protect your water features, from low-key ponds to high visibility waterfalls.

How To Become A Tree Surgeon

Tree surgery is a noble profession. It’s a role that involves nurturing and maintaining one of natures most vital resources. If you love nature and climbing trees, then tree surgery may just be the job for you.

February in the Vegetable Garden

There is always plenty of jobs to do even in the smallest vegetable garden as there is no denying that growing fruit and vegetables is high maintenance. So, with more to do there is always more to forget. Plan ahead by getting on top of those jobs that can be done early in the year. Here is a short list of vital jobs to be doing in the vegetable garden during February.

Eye Hortilux 1000 Watt Super HPS Bulb LU1000B/HTL/EN Item Number 901585

Indoor gardening is a rewarding activity that many people enjoy. The benefits of growing plants indoors are numerous. For many people who live in colder climates where the outdoor season is limited, it can open up a whole new world of opportunities. Everything from flowers to edible greens and herbs can be grown inside of your home with the right conditions. In order to grow plants inside, you do need to create a space within your home with the correct lighting conditions. Outdoor light is ideal for plants, but with the right bulbs, you can create similar lighting conditions indoors.

February in the Flower Garden

In even the smallest garden its best to get ahead of the game during February and get on with jobs that will save you time once spring really gets underway. It is easy come April to realise that you should have pruned your roses in February. So here is a quick list of vital jobs to be getting on with in the flower garden during February to help you make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Potting Up Tomatoes That Were Grown From Seed Indoors Once They Are Bigger

If you’re like me, you can’t wait for that first home grown summer tomato. So I start my tomatoes in late January. Pretty early, but I am determined to have a long tomato season.

Types of Hydroponics Systems in Conventional Use

An ideal configuration for a hydroponics system often depends on the specific needs of a grower. Although 6 basic types are generally recognized for the said technique, variations sometimes occur which is more of the alteration in the basic design. The 6 established types of hydroponics grow system differ in the very concept of accessibility of nutrients and air. Nature of plants in question also has its effects, along with a grower’s availability for maintenance, on the overall design. The basic designs in hydroponics system in use nowadays, are as follows.

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