Succession Planting and Garden Planning (Q & A)

Gardener Scott discusses strategies for growing as many plants as possible in a season, how to plan for more than one harvest, answers gardening questions, shares his gardening philosophy and much more. Your Gardening Week (Live) #53

3:05 – Wildfires
5:20 – Sunken Beds
10:05 – Cherry vs Beefsteak Tomatoes
11:20 – Asbestos
14:45 – Soil Levels and Tomatoes
15:35 – Breathing Perlite/Vermiculite/Peat Moss
17:45 – Amending Soil
20:15 – Ants in Compost Pile
22:15 – Coffee Grounds
23:55 – Fire Ants
24:35 – Fertilizer for Berries
29:10 – Onions/Leeks
30:25 – Strawberries
32:10 – Swiss Chard
34:40 – Corn
37:45 – Aerators
40:00 – Fungus and Moss
40:45 – Brassicas
43:20 – Yellow Leaves on Pepper Plants
45:05 – Moving Your Garden
47:50 – When to Start Seeds:
51:00 – Succession Planting
1:03:05 – Frozen Soil and Cold Weather Crops
1:07:05 – Greenhouse Base
1:09:35 – Buying More Seeds
1:11:10 – Losing Plants
1:11:55 – Old Seeds
1:13:30 – Microorganisms
1:17:55 – Lining Beds with Plastic
1:21:45 – Amending with Legumes
1:24:00 – GS Philosophy: Share Your Gardening Story

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