Successfully Grow Houseplants from Cuttings Using a Prop Box

Plant propagation is one of my favorite things to do when it comes to houseplants. Using a prop box with sphagnum moss has become one my favorite propagation methods because of the high success rate when it comes to rooting cuttings and then growing them into beautiful indoor plants.

In this video, we’ll cover everything from the type of box and sphagnum moss to use, how to water your prop box, when to allow air flow, how to prevent mold, when to transfer your plant cuttings out of the box and then do a quick tour of the houseplant cuttings I’m currently propagating.

0:43 Why you should propagate houseplants
1:21 The type of box to use
2:21 What kind of sphagnum moss to use
3:06 How wet should your moss be
4:04 Placing a layer of moss in the box
4:45 Cuttings to use and how to place them in the box
5:43 Important to have your box in bright and warm area
6:20 How often should you open your box
7:13 How often should you water your prop box
8:06 When to transfer cuttings out of the prop box
10:15 How to prevent mold
10:44 Cuttings I’m currently Propagating Tour

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