Seeds, Planning, and Garden Prep (Q&A)

Choosing seeds, initial garden planning, garden preparation, and answers to your gardening questions. Gardener Scott’s gardening philosophy and much more complete this episode. Your Gardening Week (Live) #39

Link to “The Importance of a Garden Journal” video:

0:25 – Garden Observations
1:40 – Composting Diseased Plants
5:00 – Covering Strawberries in Winter
7:35 – Covering Cruciferous Plants in Winter
9:30 – Sweet Potatoes
11:20 – Hearty Winter Plants
12:05 – Heating a Polycarbonate Greenhouse
14:30 – Garden Planning: Preparation
19:45 – Humidity and Cold
20:45 – Covering Soil in Winter
21:55 – Saving Leaves
23:55 – Earthworms
28:45 – Broccoli
29:30 – Blueberries
32:30 – Bird Netting
33:30 – Mulch
35:05 – Berries and Alkaline Soil
35:45 – Garden Planning: Seeds
42:35 – GS Straw Herbicide Video Info
43:40 – Buying Seeds: Unique/Heirloom/Zones/Catalogs
48:45 – Zones
49:50 – Lowering Soil pH
53:00 – Pecans
53:30 – Planning Resources
56:05 – Potatoes
57:15 – Transplanting Asparagus
58:35 – GS New Plants for Next Year
1:00:45 – Planning: Using Catalogs to Get Ideas
1:05:45 – Garlic
1:13:00 – Composting Leaves with Mealy Bugs
1:14:10 – Carrots
1:16:15 – Bok Choy
1:17:10 – GS Merchandise Sale!
1:19:10 – Livestream Background: Hot Totties
1:23:15 – GS Philosophy: Anyone Can Garden (GS Career Info)

Video Links
“7 Garden Planning Rules” –
“How to Start a Worm Farm” –
“7 Big Gardening Myths” –
“How to Collect Carrot Seeds” –

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