Seed starting Q&A ?| Answering all your questions

You have seed starting questions and I’m answering them! This is a long video, so if you’re looking for specific topics, just click on the time stamps below to be beamed straight to them.

2:10 Seedling issues and hardening off
5:35 Spindly seedlings and damping off
11:00 Watering
14:56 Potting on seedlings
18:38 Fertilizing
20:16 What to start when
22:08 Thinning and pinching
25:03 Direct sow or start inside?
27:07 Equipment
27:10 Soil blocks, plastic trays or peat pots
30:40 Grow lights
32:14 Heat mat
34:54 Seed starting without equipment
35:22 Winter sowing
41:18 Plant specific and design questions
42:20 Strawberries from seed

My name is Erin and I love sharing inspiration and information with real-life gardeners. I live and garden in southeastern Wisconsin, zone 5.

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My favorite seed storage method:
Humidity domes:
Oodles of plant labels:
Heavy duty trays without holes:
Heat mat:
Soil blocker:
Clip-on LED grow light:
Really, really nice grow light:
Power strip with built-in timer:
Small clip-on fan:
Temporary greenhouse (similar to mine):
Temporary greenhouse (the one I have, often out of stock):

Find your last frost date. Note the date generated by this site is the 30% date, meaning there’s a 30% chance there will be a frost after that date. I typically add a week on to this date:

Setting up the temporary greenhouse:
Seed starting 101:
Seed organization:
My seed-starting set-up:
Seed-starting gear (blog post):

Flower Hill Farm lisianthus video:
Y Garden winter sowing video:
Garden Answer winter sowing video:
Winter sowing online group page:
Joe Gardener (Joe Lamp’l) indoor seed starting:
Great grow light info (via Joe Gardener):


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