Seed Sowing, Seed Saving, Seed Eating (Q & A)

Seeds offer many opportunities in the garden. Gardener Scott discusses basics of direct sowing seeds, how to save seeds, growing plants to eat the seeds, answers gardening questions, shares his gardening philosophy and much more. Your Gardening Week (Live) #63

:40 – Cantaloupe
5:25 – Vegetable or Fruit?
8:40 – Pruning Lilac
10:25 – Cattle Panel Trellis
11:35 – Shade Cloth
11:20 – Over/Under Watering
14:50 – Hardening Off
17:45 – Zone 5b
19:10 – Loofah
21:55 – Collecting Seeds
23:30 – Germination Rate and Viability
27:00 – Dry Climate
30:50 – Building a Greenhouse
32:10 – Corn in Containers
34:50 – “I Kill Plants so Others May Thrive”
38:25 – Background Pic: Kristy Wilson (K Russell)
38:50 – Short Growing Season
42:40 – Straw Bales
43:20 – Days to Maturity
50:45 – Borage
53:15 – Gnats and Clove Oil
56:40 – Growing to Save Seeds
1:01:50 – Aphis
1:06:40 – Potatoes
1:08:30 – Wasps
1:09:50 – Grasses
1:10:45 – Chickens
1:11:30 – Honeysuckle and Other Flowers
1:12:40 – Letting Flowers Go to Seed
1:15:50 – Onion Sets
1:17:35 – Letting Onions Go to Seed
1:20:10 – Poppies
1:21:15 – Using Leaves and Seeds in Cooking
1:25:05 – GS Philosophy: Memorial Day and Memorial Gardening

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