Rapid Succession Planting in Peak Summer for BIG Harvests | Fully-Maximize Your Veg Garden

We are currently entering the homegrown abundance stage of the growing season in our vegetable gardens, and that means lots of harvests! Even though August is approaching, there is still much we can transplant to make the most of the gaps that are appearing from the harvesting that allow us to instantly succession plant new crops in the same space for us to enjoy later in Autumn, Winter and even into the hungry gap! I show examples of rapid succession planting and there are many hints and tips to help you do the same.

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Introduction 0:00
What is rapid succession planting? 0:40
Potato,Kale and Broad Bean Example 1:46
Harvesting Onions 2:35
Succession Planting Onions 3:17
How I Transplant Brassicas 3:59
Staple Crop Succession 5:05
Intercropping When Succession Planting 5:43
Succession Planting When Small Gaps Emerge 7:06
A Vegetable You Must Try Growing! 8:05
Great Place for Recipe Ideas 8:55
Final Thoughts 9:57

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