Productive NO DIG Vegetable Gardening in Raised Beds with Sides

This video is all about no dig vegetable gardening in raised beds that have sides. There has been much discussion recently about if raised beds should or shouldn’t have sides so I thought I would explain how I do it effectively in a wet slug-prone climate and the benefits and drawbacks of sided raised beds. I created this video to show what is possible, and also to show that there is more than one way of growing food and that each method is very personal and situational (aka no real right or wrong!). No dig gardening is a wonderful method of growing food that promotes a healthy soil and healthy plants.

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Introduction 0:00
Converting beds to no dig 0:36
The many growing methods 2:06
Practicality in a wet climate 3:21
Gardens on a slope 4:37
Ease of compost appliaction 5:43
Weeds & grass paths 6:33
Investment & effort of sided beds 7:28
Raised bed structure maintenance 9:34
Adding physical growing structures 10:09
Raised beds drying out 11:22
Personal reason for choosing sides 12:40
Sides & slugs chat 13:56

No dig gardening
Raised bed vegetable gardening
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