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Titan Controls Helios 14 Grow Lamp Controller 24 Plugs, Item Number 702832

For your indoor garden, you are going to need all of the right supplies. Part of your lighting set up should include a timer, which gives you greater control of the lighting for your plants. This will give you the opportunity to improve the quality of the results while making sure that your plants are not over or under exposed. You can set it up just how you need it to be and let it go, taking out some of the worry while gardening. The Titan Controls Helios 14 timer, which offers a 24, 000 watt capacity and 240 volt power, gives you the opportunity to benefit quite a bit from the possibilities of this type of device. You can be sure that your garden is well cared for and will receive the appropriate amount of lighting.

Vegetable Garden Planning and Diligence

There are multiple benefits to planting vegetable gardens. Vegetable gardens guarantee you fresh in season produce, there’s no need to pick and refrigerate because they stay fresh on the vine. Except of course when they over ripen.

Through the Garden Gate With a Victorian Exotic: Angel Trumpet

Victorians loved the bold, the big and the dramatic in their gardens. The invention of the portable greenhouse, called the Edwardian case, had increased the palette of plant possibilities by the mid 1800’s and specimens from Australia, South America, and Africa became readily available. Victorians went wild for the exotics. If you, too, are moved by a strong desire for an exotic; one blessed with more than the generally allotted share of presence and vintage style, I cry out to you, “Brugmansia!”

How to Select Perfect Grow Light System – 600 Watt Grow Light

There are many things, which one needs to consider when opting for a grow light system. The most important thing is to choose the right wattage of light. This entirely depends upon your energy needs for plants inside your growing area. Some plants need high wattage to grow properly while there are many which can survive on low lights as well. When it comes to right selection of wattage, you may find 600 watt to provide perfect output for your light needs. It covers six feet width and six feet length easily, which offers great use for moderate to high light usage. You must remember that high wattage requires more electricity and hence higher costs to operate. This is one of the reasons, why most people opt for 600 Watt grow light.

Adjusting and Measuring Soil pH

Adjusting and Measuring soil ph seems like a bothersome task to a novice gardener. In reality it is actually quite simple. It is also quite necessary for a successful garden, whether it be Vegetables or Flowers.

Talking to Plants and Garden Conversations

Studies indicate that talking to plants could actually improve their vigor and vitality. Talking harshly to them could have adverse effects.

Planting Organic Cabbage Seeds For Spring and Fall Harvest

Planting heirloom and organic cabbage seeds provides gardeners with the opportunity to grow cabbages that vary in size from tiny Pak Choi to wheelbarrow size heads of Late Flat Dutch. The produce can be stored or used in salads, stir fry or sauerkraut.

Creating a Peaceful Serenity Outdoor Space

Gardening is supposed to be fun, exciting and beautiful. To often though, people get discouraged because they do not know where to begin. Take a look at one of the easiest ways to create a beautiful outdoor space.

Composting in Rotating Compost Bins

When you have decided to prepare your own compost, you will have many options to choose from. You can start your compost in an old garbage bin, a discarded wooden box, create a pile or simply spread it on a sheet. While all of them may appear to be economical options, they come with certain disadvantages.

Starting Your Own Compost Bins

With scary news about genetically modified crops and health disorders, it is best to keep chemicals away from your food. For this, you should start making your own compost. Below are some more reasons why it is important: – Improves soil quality – Prevents greenhouse gas emissions – Recycles valuable nutrients – Reduces artificial fertilisers – Saves money Through a combination of food scraps such as fruit peels and egg shells, and garden waste you can begin your own compost bin in no time.

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