Myrtillocactus geometrizans ‘FUKUROKURYUZINBOKO’ (Booby Cactus) Houseplant Care—83 of 365

Getting To Know Portable Garages And Their History

For those of you interested in history you may wonder why this saying is repeated a number of times: “necessity is the mother of invention”. Since it is repeated so many times there must be some truth in it. So, when talking about the cars, then there must have been an improvised way to keep them safe and away from issues such as bad weather, theft and the likes.

How Australian Sports Could Benefit From a Switch

As an ever-growing number of professional sports teams are struggling with training and game schedule interruptions due to weather conditions on grass playing fields, they’re starting to ask the question: could making the switch to artificial grass be the answer? Recent weather extremes – As Australians, we’re already familiar with drought challenges and trying to keep lawns green. Now, with the recent flooding and other La Nina-related extreme weather conditions, we’re having the opposite problem of too much water in some regions.

Key to Successful Hydroponic Vegetable Gardening

There are actually three things to consider when determining the proper pH for your hydroponic gardening: The nutrient reservoir, The water you are using, Your growing medium: Ignore any of these three things and you will diminish the quality and quantity of your crop. These three things form a circle that when kept in balance holds the key to successful hydroponic vegetable gardening.

Lobster Claws: A Uniquely Beautiful Flower

The Lobster Claw flowers that are found in Belize, or Heliconia, are a part of a much larger flowering plant family called Heliconiaceae. In the Heliconiaceae family there are about 150 or more species that are spread throughout Central and South America. There are also members of the Heliconia plant family on remote islands in the Pacific Ocean and further westward to Indonesia.

A History of Hydroponic Gardening

A brief history of Hydroponic Gardening. This history is in a timeline format and highlights ancient history through the 20th century.

Dancing Lady Orchids

The Dancing Lady Orchid does not refer to a specific Orchid species rather the whole Oncidium, Onc for short, Genus in the Orchidaceae (Orchid) family. Of the more than 23,000 species of the Orchids found in the world, only about 500-600 species are in the Oncidium Genus. The term “Dancing Lady,” is in reference to the way the flowers sway in the wind.

300 Watt CFL

The traditional incandescent light bulbs have proved, at least in the past few years, to be increasingly inefficient. As a result of the huge demand for new products in this area, newer bulbs entered the market; these bulbs were more efficient, and people have started showing more interest in them. The 300 Watt CFL is one of the new products in the market and it seems to be highly appreciated by some. However, there are people who say that the CFL lights are not as efficient as the halogen lights,and therefore, a comparison is necessary at this juncture.

Growing Foxglove Varieties

The common foxglove or Digitalis purpurea, is an herbaceous biennial native to most of Europe. A stately looking plant, the foxglove has been grown in gardens for centuries and is a particularly common sight in cottage style gardens. It has also been grown for cut flowers and used as an herb for medicinal purposes. Like many plant species, the foxglove has slipped in and out of fashion with garden designers, but seems to have become popular once again, featuring in many of this year’s gardens at the Chelsea flower show. Here are a few of the most popular and also more unusual varieties.

Some Unusual Varieties of Thyme

Thyme has been valued throughout the centuries for its culinary and medicinal qualities. In ancient Egypt it was a key ingredient in the embalming process. The ancient Greeks used it to scent their bath water and as incense. It was spread throughout Europe by the Romans who were well aware of its aromatic uses in cooking. Best cultivated in a hot sunny location in well drained soil, thyme does thrive in our gardens despite the amount of rainfall in the UK. Here are a few varieties you may not have heard of that you might like to try and grow yourself.

Portable Garages and Shelters – A Brief Overview

There are many options to choose from when you’re shopping for portable garages and shelters – and it’s always a good idea to know what the market can offer you and how you can get the best products out there for the lowest possible price. Of course, the definition of the “best” products of this type will vary quite a lot from one person to the next – so you should start your search by first defining what you’re looking for, and what you expect to get from your ideal shelter in the end. Concentrate on a few brands.

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