My Succulent Collection + Plant Care and Propagation Tips for Beginners

Warning. This video contains beautiful succulents which may be too seducing for some viewers and may cause you to run off and buy a whole bunch of succulents… Just kidding. This video features the current succulents in my collection right now. When I started my houseplant journey, the first few succulents I started with are the Aloe and Jade plant. This past year I’ve been adding a lot of Echeveria to my collection, like the Lola, California Queen, Ebony, Tiny Burger, Mrs. Richards and many more. I also started to add a few sedum succulents to my collection. I love the colors and shapes they bring into your home, especially amongst the sea of green houseplants in my collection. We also go over how to care for succulents such as lighting requirements and watering tips. We then finish off this houseplant video with some propagation of a few succulent leaves.

0:00 Intro
1:54 Succulent Collection Tour
8:30 How to Care for Succulents
8:50 Lighting Requirements
10:10 Watering Requirements
11:35 Propagating Succulents

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