My favorite watering gear??? Update!

This is an update to last year’s video on everything I use to water. What do I still use and what have I ditched in favor of something else?

Last year’s video:

Water tools mentioned (Plant Surge code is IG10 for 10% off):

? Water Rite Hoses: (The big size that l like best)
? Geka jet sprayer:
? BEST quick connects (for real this time):
? Dramm water wand: (Similar, without nozzle select):
? Geka water wand:
? Tripod sprinkler (that doesn’t work well-Orbit tripod zinc):
? Dramm sprinkler that works:
? Plant Surge: (Use code IG10 for 10% off)
? EZ Control valve:
? Veg garden timing system:
? Blue watering can:

Some of my favorite garden stuff:

➟ Cute, comfy garden boots:
➟ Deer repellent:
➟ Magnetized water: (Use code IG10 for 10% off)
➟ Inexpensive soil scoop:
➟ Gardening gloves:
➟ Seed storage boxes:

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