MEALYBUGS ( What you need to know)

A Few Herbs We Are Putting in

We have integrated this brief list of plants in our herb garden plan and wanted to share it with our readers. When considering what herbs to include in your backyard you have to take into consideration where you reside.

How to Choose Hydroponics Plants to Grow in the Suburban Hydroponic Garden

Hydroponics gardening provides gardeners with the ability to grow more produce in a smaller amount of space and a shorter amount of time. Read this article to find out which hydroponic plants have been used most effectively, and which are particularly suited to this method of gardening.

How to Create a Container Display for All Seasons

Container planting does not have to be confined to seasonal displays. If you have an area such as a patio where potted plants look at their best, it is a good idea to mix both seasonal displays with more permanent planting. Shrubs and perennials do just as well in containers as they do in the ground, they just need a bit of extra care and attention. Here is a short guide on how to create and maintain permanent displays in pots and containers.

Creating A Haven At Home With Beautiful Garden Plants

Perhaps the most satisfying and easiest way to spruce up the outside of your home and add value at the same time is to bring your yard to life with a variety of garden plants. Plants add beauty and function to a home’s exterior. They can help with…

Garden Furniture For Entertaining And Relaxing Outdoors

Adding garden furniture to a patio or back yard creates extra living space for entertaining friends, enjoying dinner with the family or just relaxing after work or on the weekend. Furniture choices for the outdoors range from cozy conversation sets…

Is Plant and Plot Rotation Necessary?

Various crops rely on soil that provides them with different nutrients. If the same type of crop is planted in the same plot, the soil eventually becomes depleted by the particular nutrient needed by that plant. So if brassicas, for example, are only grown on a certain plot every few years or so, the nitrogen they mostly utilise will be stripped from the soil.

Is Your Soil in Need of a Health Check?

Late January or February is probably an ideal time to check the condition of your soil, before the New Year’s growth cycle begins. Questions to keep in mind are as follows: The sort of soil that you have? Is the soil light or heavy? Is the soil chemistry acidic, alkaline or neutral?

Information About Poisonous Plants

Many plants have fatal properties. Learn how to identify poisonous plants.

The Age-Old, Luscious Tomato

The tomato plant is a fruit and all fruit shrubs and trees need special care when grown and there are plenty of potential threats as well including over watering. You’d need to master the skill of watering tomato plants in order to get a good crop.

How Creating a Simple Wormery Can Provide a Better and Eco-Friendly Solution to Household Waste

As recycling and greener living has in recent times become a global issue, this article hopes to explain some of the many uses of a wormery. In their normal habitat, or more specifically your lawn, worms actually do a fantastic job of keeping the lawn in top condition. The holes they create keep the soil aerated allowing rain to penetrate the soil. In addition they do a marvellous job of clearing the lawn of leaves and other debris.

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