Let’s Propagate Some Houseplants – Easy for Beginners | Make More Indoor Plants in 2020

Hey Crazy Plant Friends,

Here is an updated video of how I propagate my houseplants using the stem cutting and water method. It’s the easiest and most successful method from my experience so far. It’s great for beginners as you can pretty much propagate any houseplants successfully with this method.

The plants we’ll propagate in this video are some of my favorite indoor plants like Pilea Peperomioides, Pothos, Goldfish Vine, Hoya Engleriana, Ficus Elastica, Pothos, Tradescantia and String of Hearts where I’ll also cover how to propagate using Tubers.

I’m also experimenting and learning a new method of propagation using the wet moss and humidity box. Something new for me so any advice is appreciated for those of you who have more experience with this propagation method.

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