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Cultivate Fig Trees in Containers

Although it is a good choice to grow fig trees in gardens, sometimes we also have some requirements to cultivate fig trees in containers. The main reason would be that the potted fig trees will be easier to move and we can put them in different locations depending on our needs to decoration or other requirements. The potted fig trees can provide you an attractive view no matter where you put them. This article will present some convenient tips to do this job.

Understand the Fertilizer NPK Ratio

Today most commercial fertilizers will mark its recipe in a NPK mode, which means the ratio of three elements included in the fertilizer, namely, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. This NPK ratio can present a clear description about the composition of each main elements included in this type of fertilizer and thus help you choose the right type for your garden. To better understand the fertilizer NPK ratio, here is an example for illustration. Let’s say a 100kg pack of fertilizer is marked as 10-10-10. This means the N, P and K all accounts for 10% of the total weight, which will be 10kg respectively.

Shade Tolerant Plants for Indoors

Shade tolerant plants work quite well as houseplants, in such areas as the end of the hallway, or say, a bathroom with only one tiny window. A low light indoor plant will also work well in a dark area, provided it gets rotated out regularly with other plants.

Herbs for the Windowsill Garden

Modern grocery stores stock all manner of herbs and spices, making it convenient for the home cook to explore new tastes from an array of different cultures. Store-bought herbs are often expensive, however, sometimes costing $2 or more per small jar or bottle. Packaged, dried herbs also can’t compete with fresh herbs when it comes to taste. To get the best taste and value for your money, it’s best to grow your own herbs.

Is Your Patio Heater Needing Just A Little Bit Of Tender Care?

When 45 year-old John Smith lifted the cover off his patio heater after its first winter, he knew that a few checks would be necessary to get the heater back to looking as good as it always had been. It also needed a little bit of tender care.

Growing Preference for Artificial Plants

Although many homes and offices are heeding the call to green the earth and to reduce their carbon footprints, many prefer artificial plants than the natural plants. There is a growing popularity for artificial plants in homes and offices today.

Small Greenhouses: 4 Types of Environments

If you’re new to gardening with small greenhouses there are several ways to achieve different results. It all has to do with the internal environment and temperatures that you choose as growing conditions for different types of plants. This article will give you some insight into the different terms used for the various types of small greenhouse gardening and get you on the path to discovering the best solution for your own personal greenhouse needs.

Transform Your Area With Water Fountains

Wall water fountains are a lot subtler and simpler compared to grandiose water fountains. It’s a long way away from burbling yard fountains that empty into koi-filled ponds. Rather, wall fountains are rather compact, electricity-powered gadgets which suit directly into the decor of a home or office. In contrast to fountains that shoot or squirt water, water wall fountains send water in a cascade down a flat front surface. Even though the effect might not always be as dramatic as an outdoor water fountain and the ensuing calm and relaxation not always as immediate as that described above, wall fountains certainly include visual benefit to the surroundings.

Various Benefits Associated With Water Fountains

Indoor water fountains are designed after the ones used outdoors only that they’re smaller in scale. Of course, the benefits of fountains aren’t just limited for outdoor used but can also be experienced indoors. Therefore, if you would like to experience the advantages of fountains right at the comforts of your own home, it’s in your best interest to acquire an indoor wall water fountain or perhaps a wall-mounted fountain to attain such goal.

Add Beauty To Your Properties With The Help Of Water Fountains

Indoor water fountains are a simple way to take the natural charm of the outdoors into an otherwise stale atmosphere. The powerful elegance of flowing water over slate, glass, copper, steel, granite or other mediums employed in fountains produces an energetic, yet soothing atmosphere.

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