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Sheds Made Secure At The Manufacturing And Installing Stages

Over the last few years the garden or yard shed has become a target for the common thief who has seen the shed as an easy target. Sheds by definition can store some quite valuable equipment as they store garden machinery like power mowers and hedge trimmers and other similar items but they also are a place where household tools are banished to such as electric drills, planes etcetera and also car repair and cleaning tools.

Native Plant Nurseries Should Provide Top Quality Plants

If you’re purchasing plants to create your own small ecosystem or restore an area after a fire or flood, you need to consider the source of your plants to insure you receive the best possible quality. Read on to learn more about this topic.

Plants for a Tropical Garden

Creating a garden under some sort of ‘theme’ can be immensely satisfying, and tropical gardens are up there with the best. Read on for a quick rundown of three particularly appropriate species you could consider.

What Is Grafting?

Grafting is one of the most interesting and unique ways of reproducing valuable trees. Read on to find out exactly why it’s done.

Last Minute Gardening Tips for Spring

It may be nice and warm inside, but there are still a lot of important jobs to get done at the last minute before spring rears its head. Get outside in the garden and start on these tasks now, while there’s still time.

When To Cut Down A Tree, And When To Save It

Trees provide shade and value to a property. However, if a tree is unhealthy, it can be difficult to know if it can be saved or taken down.

Sell Your Home By Improving Curb Appeal

The best way to get buyers in the door is to have a home that looks great from the driveway. These gardening tips will help you improve your home’s curb appeal.

Summer Flowering Bulbs for Outdoor Planters

Whether you want to add some colour to herbaceous borders without taking up too much room or simply brighten up a corner of a patio, summer bulbs provide the ideal answer. This article will focus on planting summer flowering bulbs in outdoor planters and will include varieties particularly suited to this purpose.

Oregano Uses and Recipes

Oregano has been used as a staple herb in Italian cuisine for over a hundred years. It is mostly favored in the Southern region of Italy, as the Northern region tends to depend more on marjoram. Audiences in the United States were introduced to oregano as World War II soldiers began to return from European tours. These soldiers brought with them the taste for the so-called “pizza herb”. American chefs quickly discovered that oregano could enhance the flavor of food even in the presence of other intense spices. They quickly developed combinations with other flavorful ingredients to develop variations on the modern taste of today’s Italian-American cuisine.

Creating a Container Salad Garden

Many salad crops are suitable for growing in outdoor planters and if you are new to home-grown produce they are an easy and fairly maintenance vegetable group to start with. Like any home-grown produce, salad crops have a unique taste all of their own (once you have tasted your own lettuce you will never go back to shrink-wrapped supermarket leaves). Growing salad in containers means you can start with as much or as little as you like, growing a few varieties amongst other container plants on a patio or dotted around the garden. Here is a short guide on how to create a container salad garden and some varieties best suited to pots.

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