10 Tips on Attracting Birds to Your Backyard: The Benefits of Attracting Birds for Insect Control

Attracting birds to your yard has many benefits, both for you and your garden. A variety of different types of birds not only provides entertainment with their colorful splendor and antics, but wild birds help with insect control.

Create Your Own Lavender Bath Bag

Many of us enjoy growing lavender in our gardens and for most of us having it grow along the side of paths to brush past and enjoy its scent is enough. However, there is a lot more you can do with the lavender you grow in your garden. Lavender has all sorts of culinary uses; it is also highly praised for its aromatherapy properties. The fragrance is known to have a calming effect that aids relaxation and sleep. One way of benefiting from lavender’s relaxing properties is to make a lavender bath bag. Relax and let the warm water flow over the bag to create an aromatic, soothing bath.

How to Create Compost for Your Organic Garden

When you’re building your own organic garden, composting is an important part of your garden environment. You can reduce your kitchen and garden waste and at the same time, put it to work for you in a positive way. You will feed your organic garden, which will in turn, help to feed your family and you!

Gardening Safety Tips

Do you love gardening? Make sure you follow these safety tips.

Vegetable Seeds to Plant in April

Spring has officially sprung and April is the time to get those vegetable seeds in the ground. The traditional April weather, which usually consists of sunny days mixed with heavy rain downpours, is the perfect recipe for successful seed sowing.

Aquaponics At Home Set Up

It does not matter if you are living in a flat of a high rise building or you are staying in your separate home, you can have your own aquaponics. If you have some space on your roof top, you can easily set it up there on the roof. You can place it anywhere inside your home.

Garden Gnomes Like to Move Around

My mother got more than she bargained for with the purchase of a Garden Gnome. It didn’t like being alone.

The Joy Of Creating A Garden

There are many things in life which bring you joy. Establishing a garden is one of them. The absolute pleasure in seeing a bare piece of ground transformed into a thing of beauty…

Do I Need More Than One Tumbler to Make Compost?

Compost tumblers are great, but do you really need two? The reality is, you don’t even need one to compost. However, if you’d like to try one they’re great. Two is definitely not necessary in order to compost your stuff.

Make Use Of This Advice For Being An Organic Gardening Expert

If you wish to improve your diet, you should think of organic gardening. Looking after a garden does require effort to make things grow. Knowing how to start when planning an organic garden could be a little confusing.

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