How to Sow Seeds in Modules the No-Nonsense Way

Today’s video is a complete guide to how I start seeds off in module or cell trays to ensure the best germination possible for the least effort possible. Sowing seeds is such a wonderful thing to do but it is often overcomplicated, therefore this is the simple method I use to start all my vegetable and herb seeds.

3 Extra tips on to help with sowing seeds in modules:
1- There is no need to rush and try and sow everything right away. I prefer to ease into the new growing season and am patient as I know there is still lots of cold weather ahead.
2- Don’t worry if you sow too many seeds in a cell by accident, you can just thin once the seedlings grow
3 – Build a dedicated leaf mould bin (or series of bins) for seed sowing so you can bulk up homemade or multi-purpose compost and save costs.

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Introduction 0:00
Module Tray Types 0:34
The 4 Sizes I Use 1:38
Compost Options 3:50
Siving Compost? 6:48
Sowing a Module Tray Start to Finish 7:18
Shelving 13:23
Water Saving Tip 14:18
Sowing a Deep Module Tray 16:10
Video Summary 17:50

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