Hydroponic Sytems Part 2 – Nutrient Film Technique NFT

A NFT system is probably the most simplest of any hydroponic system. It does not involve the use of timers to switch pumps off and on. The seeds need to be propagated first in a separate tray until they have a good enough root base to be placed in the system.

Re-Potting Fuchsia Plants For The Winter Period

Fuchsias are beautiful plants in understandably high demand. They tend to be quite vulnerable to frost though, so keeping them safely covered in the winter is essential.

Everything You Need to Know About Hydorponics

What is Hydroponics? While this form of cultivating and plant life has become quite popular over the past 20 years, many people are still unfamiliar with the process. It has actually been used for thousands of years, but the first documented study of hydroponics has been during this last century. It is the cultivation of plant life in nutrient rich water without the use of soil.

Mulching Season Begins

Mulching is a common and effective way of making a garden less cluttered and more productive. Though many subscribe to leaving winter gardens bare, it’s actually the perfect season so start mulching.

Preparing Your Garden For Spring

One of the most common errors people make when it comes to their garden is leaving alone during the winter months December and January. Now if the perfect time to prepare your garden for the spring as the flexibility will allow huge changes to make each and every garden look amazing. The idea of going outside in the cold may not seem an attractive one but it will definitely be one where the benefits can be reaped.

The Garden Building – A Combination Sometimes Works

The winter is the ideal time to get things tidy in the garden ready for the start of the new growing season and the introduction of sheds and summerhouses can be a stressful exercise but something that is often found to be essential. However, it need not be, a good manufacturer will have many solutions for the problems and these will give at least one acceptable option available to the user. One thought that is often ignored is the combination of the buildings to form one nice arrangement that will satisfy the various demands that the user puts upon it…

Vegetable Gardening For Beginners: How To Grow Green Onions

An excellent cool weather vegetable to grow is the green onion or scallion. This plant does well in mild to cool weather and produces a tasty white bulb that grows in the in the ground, and you can also eat the green stalks.

Lifting And Moving Delicate Plants Out Of The Cold

It’s easy to keep plants safe over the winter period if you invest a little time and effort. For many plants it’s appropriate to re-pot and move them to a sheltered area, an effective way of protecting them from the threat of killing frost.

Greenhouse Gardening – Why Maintaining The Optimal Temperature In Your Greenhouse Is Critical

Building a greenhouse in your backyard is a good idea. There are many benefits to having one in your backyard. With a greenhouse in your backyard you will be able to grow a variety of healthy organic vegetables, fruits and herbs throughout the year, if not all year-long. However you must maintain the proper climate in your greenhouse for the plants to thrive. Greenhouse gardening does require a certain amount of work for it to be successful.

The Different Methods of Home Gardening

When it comes to choosing the right growing methods, one of the most important factors to consider is the location. Individuals who live in small apartments can take up growing inside while those who have decks or patios that allows little sunlight and space can start container growing.

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