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Keeping Your Orchid Safe During the Trip Home

Everyone would agree that once an orchid has been purchased, it has to be brought home – because a thing of beauty, such as the orchid, offers instant gratification to its new owner. However, there are some things that you should remember to make sure that your new orchid’s trip home is safe. Otherwise, you might end up with a severely shocked plant with fallen buds and leaves.

Horticulture Supplies

A garden creates wonder, amazement, and beauty wherever it grows. The possibilities of one’s own garden are why so many people are attracted to the idea of having their own. Oftentimes, people who want to begin this journey without a backyard hit a wall and become lost as to what they can do. This does not have to be an end to the dream of gardening, though, not with what we have today. Horticulture supplies make it possible to have a large indoor garden that receives everything it needs with few to no problems. With the right equipment and knowledge, everyone can begin growing life and beauty not in their backyard, but inside the home.

Skin Rashes From Garden Plants – How to Avoid

Skin rashes from garden plants can be a plague if you like to spend a lot of time in your garden. Learn how Sarah discovered a way to prevent getting rashes when tending her tomatoes and other garden plants.

Growing An Apple Tree On Your Balcony

Karen had always wanted to have her own garden. Living on the 11 floor in Dallas she had almost given up on her dream to grow an apple tree, but after getting unexpected help and inspiration from a person close to her she set out on her project and is sharing part of the story to help you grow your own apple tree.

Going Green With Lucky Bamboo Tree

Looking to go green indoors? Try the lucky bamboo plants. They are hearty, resilient plants that require very little maintenance.

How To Grow Your Own Roses

This article is aimed in helping you to start growing your own roses. Anyone can grow their own roses, even if you are a beginner.

Why Aquaponics Are Superior to Hydroponics

Hydroponics and growing systems have become both common and popular in recent years in a variety of circumstances and with people of all ages. While these systems are generally effective, there are a number of drawbacks which can create issues or concerns.

Propagating Conifers From Cuttings

Propagating conifers is not always as straightforward as it seems. This article details my own particular method which has given me a better than average success rate.

Top Tips to Build DIY Wooden Greenhouses

Glass greenhouse is quite common but you can even get a wooden greenhouse. If you are looking for a cheap greenhouse then you can consider this option. You can choose the do it yourself option to save some money on building the structure.

Tomato Plant Varieties

Before you start planting tomatoes, you will first need to determine the appropriate variety for cultivation. This selection was based on several factors you need to consider especially your place climate and suitable tomato variety to plant. As you know, there are many varieties that you’re free to grow in your garden. By knowing a little bit about types of tomato plants, it can help you in determining which tomato plants varieties suitable for cultivation.

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