How To Grow Dahlias At Home | FULL INFORMATION

Grow Healthy Organic Food In Your Backyard By Building a Simple Greenhouse

Growing healthy organic vegetables in your backyard is possible and it can be done all year long. Building a simple greenhouse in your backyard can help you achieve this. Growing vegetables in a greenhouse will lengthen the growing season. Your greenhouse will give you control of the climate in which they are growing.

What Tools Are Required For Making Compost?

There is no fast and easy answer to the question are there any tools required for making compost. To attempt to provide a short answer here are suggestions of what items you may want and a few you must have.

Birds That Are Likely to Visit Your Bird Feeders

During the winter, many birds migrate south. Some, however, stay in the colder climates, and these are the birds you are likely to find at your bird feeder.

Start a Survival Garden With Heirloom Seeds

If you have just started prepping a survival garden is an easy way to get renewable food. Using heirloom seeds in your garden will guarantee that you get the best fruits and vegetables with the most seeds to replant!

The Winter Garden

Even the keenest of gardeners will admit to not giving much thought to the garden during winter time. However, with a bit of foresight and a little forward planning its possible to create a garden that will provide something to look at during the winter months.

Choosing an Awesome Bird Feeder

Feeding birds is a hobby that is popular worldwide. One of the reasons why this is so is that it allows you to get closer to nature.

Advantages of Building a Greenhouse in Your Backyard

Building a geenhouse in your backyard has a number of advantages when compared to buying one from your local garden supply center. Building a greenhouse in your backyard could save you money. This price of building one could only cost a fraction of the price of building one. And don’t forget you also should consider that if you buy one you will still have to put it together.

The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Explained For USA and UK

The USDA zone system explained. If you’re new to growing exotics and you’re looking through catalogues or browsing the web searching for prospective purchases, then you’ve probably noticed this “USDA zone 8” included somewhere in the plant description. This is the United States Department of Agriculture zone system and its use as an indicator of a plants temperature tolerance has become virtually universal amongst enthusiasts and specialist nurseries alike here in the…

Different Lighting Use in Hydroponics Part 3

In Part 2 we discussed High-Intensity Discharge lights in the model of Metal Halides and High Pressure Sodium bulbs. In this article we will remain with the lighting theme and have a look at florescent lighting.

Types of Food Commonly Grown In An Aquaponics System Garden

Aquaponics is type of gardening that combines hydroponics and aquaculture to grow various types of vegetables and other plant based foods. This accomplished in the hydroponics component of the system. Other food sources include fish, which are reared in the aquaculture component.

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