Vegetables That Do Well in a Drought

Last year was a very dry summer with many areas experiencing little enough rain warrant a hose pipe ban. This winter has also seen low amounts of rainfall and another dry summer now looks likely. Gardeners in Britain are used to having an abundant supply of water and can be said to have adopted a rather care-free attitude when it comes to conserving water. In recent years though we have begun to look at planting schemes for our gardens which include drought tolerant plants, but one area of the garden which has maybe been overlooked in relation to planning for dryer seasons is the vegetable garden. Most vegetables we grow in our gardens require a fair amount of water to produce healthy prolific crops. So which vegetables can we expect to do well in a drought?

1000 Watt HPS Bulb – High Pressure Sodium Lights

If you have been looking for options for growing light, you are going to find that you have two primary options, though some designers have been introducing new models that contain features of both kinds of lamps. In short, however, you have metal halide lamps and high pressure sodium lamps. These lamps are similar in that they are both better than lights that use mercury, though many people don’t understand which is going to be better for their own growing rooms. In this article, we will discuss the 1000 watt HPS bulb, which is a high pressure sodium lamp.

Gardening in the Month of April

April is a wonderful time in the garden. Spring has sprung, with daffodils and other bulbs brightening up the outdoors, while the weather is getting warmer every day, making it the perfect time to crack on with the many outstanding tasks.

Challenged by Space? Grow Up, Not Out

When space is at a premium in the garden, take on a CBD attitude – grow your plants above each other rather than beside each other. Vertical hydroponics gardening is a method that allows for the maximal amount of produce to be grown in small areas. Read this article to find out how…

Gardening Trends Favor Natural Pest Control

A nationwide poll of Gardeners showed that natural pest control is considered equal or superior to synthetic pesticides. Find out why this shift in public thinking has major ramifications for the future.

7 Tips for Successful Seed Germination for the Home Vegetable Garden

7 simple tips to improve germination and reduce the time needed for successfully starting seedlings for your home vegetable garden. Learn how to jump start your germination and seedling success for healthy seedlings ready to plant out in the garden.

Plants And Soil Types

Springtime and planting go together. The days are longer and warmer. Nature feels vibrant. Blossoms burst forth and new leaves begin to grow on trees and shrubs. The type of soil can determine the success or failure of a garden or landscape….

Organic Backyard Gardening

How do you start an organic backyard garden? Tips, techniques and ideas to get you started.

A Guide To Bonsai Trees For Beginners

A comprehensive guide to growing bonsai trees for beginners. Learn about caring for them, the different styles of bonsai, and much more.

Why Consider DIY Aquaponics?

DIY aquaponics is currently creating buzz alongside commercial aquaponics. The term aquaponics may sound like it is out of your league but in fact, it is actually a fun way for you to start growing plants in your garden more efficiently. You can also keep pet fishes if you wish to. This article will lay down the reasons why you must consider do-it-yourself aquaponics and how can you benefit from it without much difficulty.

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