How to Grow Cactus From Seed (With update video)

Starting Vegetable Seeds Indoors

If the weather in your area of the world is anything like mine, then chances are there are many varieties of vegetables that you simply can not start from seeds directly outdoors. This is because the amount of time you would have from the moment the weather “cooperates” until the day when the weather no longer “cooperates” isn’t very long.

Organic Gardening – 9 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Organic Gardening

Increasing numbers of people are eating organic food, and using organic products. If you’re a gardener, read on to discover 9 reasons why you should switch to organic gardening.

Gardening Advice – 6 Things to Do in July

You could be forgiven for thinking summer had not yet arrived in the UK. With all this rain, the usual high-summer worries of drought and under-watered plants seem ironically rebuked by the cloud gods. During the hosepipe ban earlier this year, I decided to ‘do my bit’ and diligently installed a water butt to catch any run off from our gutters – insurance, I hoped, against a cruelly dry summer that might sap the life from my flowers and veg.

Feeding Birds – 3 Tips For Feeding Birds

Feeding birds is a rewarding hobby for both you and the birds. There are many varieties of birds to enjoy watching. Different groups of birds prefer different food and different feeding habits. Birds get most of their diet from the wild. But, feeding them during periods of the year that natural food is not as plentiful is very helpful to the birds. Plus, watching their activity is a lot of fun.

Concerned About The Environment? Become An Organic Gardener

Concern for the environment is increasing in our society. If you have this concern, read on to discover how becoming an organic gardener can help the environment.

Outdoor Birdhouses

There are few things more peaceful than sitting in a garden and listening to the sounds of the birds. One way to get birds to visit your garden is to hang outdoor birdhouses.

Bird Nesting Houses

Have you ever wanted to put up a birdhouse for a robin? Or a cardinal? Well, neither of these birds are cavity nesters, so a traditional birdhouse will not work.

Shade Sails Showcase

A brief look at the history of Shade Sails going back to the Romans. Next we look at modern day applications of shade sails, UV protection and applications.

Bird Watchers Tips

Bird watchers may actually be extending their life span by enjoying their hobby. It is a medical fact that stress is responsible for a majority of the health problems we experience. So, it stands to reason that anything we can do to lower our stress will reward us with a happier longer life. To get the most enjoyment out of your hobby let’s explore some helpful tips. We will discuss several quick tips for attracting and watching birds. Feeding, water, when to start feeding, providing shelter and creating a garden.

Gardening With Tips – Tips and Activities

Planting a garden can be a rewarding experience for anyone who goes through with this endeavour. Not only is a garden something that is beautiful to look at, but it can also be an important food source during the growing season and beyond.

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