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Planting a Low-Maintenance Garden

Planting a low-maintenance garden is just commonsense gardening. You just put the right plans in the right place, and then relax while your garden grows and thrives on its own. Planning ahead is always the key.

Is Starting an Aquaponic Garden Easy?

Nothing can compare to the easiness, safety and great results of the aquaponic farming! You have everything at the reach of your hand without too much effort and what is even more important, without using any chemicals on your garden.

Easy Aquaponics Designs

Creating an aquaponics system is fairly easy as long as you have researched and have taken the time to learn the basics of aquaponics gardening. The most important aspect is the initial setup and the timing of putting everything together to function properly. With the following information, you will be well on your way to a beautiful garden.

Unravelling The Science Behind Backyard Aquaponics

Aquaponics, a portmanteau of the two words namely aquaculture and hydroponics, works on greenhouse quasi combination in which large premium quality vegetables and herbs are cultivated on a yearly basis, concurrently producing hefty amount of fish. Undertaking well-designed planning, apparatus and management, aquaponics might be utilized to supplement your food requirements. It can also be morphed into a money-spinning business.

Try Out These Organic Gardening Tips Today!

Gardening is a complex hobby, but it doesn’t have to be confusing or difficult. You will need to take closer care of your garden if you choose to grow organically, but there are many tools to help you. It can be hard for a rookie to grow organic.

Six of My Favourite Clematis

The name Clematis comes from ancient Greek meaning ‘climbing plant’ and it is probably one of the most popular climbers among gardeners for its delicate flowers and variety of colours. It can be grown on walls, pergolas, frames, in containers, or left to scramble through trees and shrubs. Most need very little attention and with thrive in sun or partial shade. There are over two hundred species and cultivars of clematis and new ones are being introduced all the time. Here are just six of my favourite varieties chosen for their hardiness, colour and scent.

What Is Aquaponics In A Nutshell?

This article focuses on what aquaponics is in simple terms. And to consider why the system works so perfectly by looking at some of its benefits.

Making The Most Of Garden Tools

One of the great joys of the coming of springtime is a visit to the gardening section of the hardware store. There, arrayed in pristine splendor, are the tools of the home gardener’s trade, gleaming with promise. They all look so useful, so…

Make Compost Wherever Your Live

We may not feel very connected to the soil in our busy convenience driven world, however like it or not every one of us depends on soil for our daily lives. The soil is our crucial link in the human food chain. Undoubtedly without soil, we would not survive.

A Patio Container Display Full of Yellows and Gold

When choosing a colour scheme for a patio container you could do worse than pick yellow foliage plants that will provide a ray of sunshine on even the dullest day. The following planting design contains plants that require minimal care and attention are evergreen and will provide you with a stunningly bright colour scheme.

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