How to Care, Grow and Propagate String of Hearts | Houseplant Care Tips 2021

Here is the much anticipated and highly requested houseplant care guide on my string of hearts. A lot of information I’ll be sharing in this video, like the history of when I first got my string of hearts, what he looked like back then. My care houseplant care routine such as the lighting I give, how I go about watering and the potting mix I use for my String of Hearts

We will also assess one of you who submitted your String of Hearts pictures and described the issues you’re currently experience. I’ll share the cause of those issues like balding at the top, leaves dropping and suggestions on what to do to get your String of Hearts growing healthy and full again.

I’ll then share a few tips and tricks on ways to make your String of Hearts grow fuller and denser. I’ll also show how to propagate your string of hearts using the two methods. Cuttings in water and the butterfly and prop box method. Both are great ways to make your string of hearts fuller and lusher.

0:00 – Introduction
1:40 – Background of my String of Hearts
3:34 – Lighting Requirements
4:58 – Potting Mix
5:55 – Watering my String of Hearts
9:00 – Do I Fertilize my SOH
9:23 – Example of Lauren’s SOH
10:15 – Care tips for Lauren’s SOH
12:30 – Thin, curling, and small leaves
14:46 – Leaves dropping
15:00 – Tips on how to make your String of Hearts look full
15:09 – Balding at the top
16:00 – Tubers
16:38 – Wrap vine at the top of the pot
17:00 – How to Propagate String of Hearts
17:05 – Propagate Cuttings in Water
18:07 – Butterfly and Prop Box Method
22:08 – Blooms on String of Hearts

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