How to Be 100% Self-Sufficient in Kale | Growing Kale for Leaves and Shoots

Check out Four Sigmatic and use code ‘huwrichards’ to receive up to 10% off Four Sigmatic’s products. This video is all about how to grow kale and how simple the process it is to be self-sufficient in it all through the year by enjoying the 3 different harvests this awesome crop offers us gardeners. I honestly think due to the hardiness and continuous cropping that kale offers, for most gardeners it is that quick-win crop to grow all you need year-round that needs little to no complicated storage or preserving unlike other crops such as tomatoes.

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Introduction 0:00
Why I Use a Brassica Seed Bed 0:30
How to Sow Kale 0:53
Lifting Kale Seedlings 1:32
The 3 Types of Harvests Kale Offers 2:04
Four Sigmatic 2:58
Trialing different kale varieties 4:26
An amazing foolproof kale variety 5:05
How to Transplant Kale 5:14
The Sowing Timings for Year-Round Harvests 6:19
Working out how much to grow 7:27
Plant spacings between kale and extra transplant tips 8:06
Protecting kale from caterpillars and pigeons 9:30
General Tips for Kale Success 10:54

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