Here’s a practical way of displaying succulents to save space

How to Grow Roses – Five Important Steps

If you want to learn how to grow roses, there are five key steps that your must always take. If any one of these is ignored, the roses will not be as lush and beautiful as they could have been, and may not survive at all.

Is the Beauty of the Rose Being Wasted in Your Garden Landscape?

Roses can be a wonderful addition to any landscape, but to take full advantage of their color and beauty, you need to plan carefully. This article outlines the questions you must answer to ensure the best possible end result.

Landscaping Designs For All Gardens

When you first consider landscaping designs for your property, it can feel like a very daunting prospect. The very word design can sound expensive as you associate it with designers in other fields (pardon the pun) who are highly paid.

Gardening For All Seasons

For some, gardening is just a hobby to pass the spare time on their hands and yet to others, spending time in the garden is the ideal way to creatively use the space in and around their homes to achieve good decor, while at the same time achieving other benefits. These can take various forms, with some people opting to use their garden to just grow flowers and shrubs or using rockery plants. Others use their garden space as a source for organic foods by planting vegetables, fruit bushes or trees.

Choosing Native Plants for a Wildlife Pond

Native aquatic plants have an important role in keeping a pond healthy and attracting wildlife. They help to keep the pond water clean and oxygenated, while the roots and leaves provide shade and shelter for pond residents.

Storing Processed Potatoes

Growing potatoes can be incredibly rewarding, particularly if you have the space to plant a fair number of them. Better still, if you get a particularly good crop, you can process some of them and store them for times when there aren’t any fresh tubers to harvest from your garden.

Importance of Sanitation in Your Emergency Preparedness Plan

Emergency planning and preparedness is not only about storing food and water. Often, we leave out important aspects of preparing for disasters and emergencies. One of the common things left out is about our plans for sanitation.

Heirloom Seeds For Long-Term Survival and Self-Sufficiency

Heirloom seeds, sometimes referred to as emergency or survival seeds, are often included in emergency and disaster stockpiles. These type of seeds are the best recommended seeds for a survival garden. Heirloom are non-hybrid seeds and are not chemically-treated. Heirlooms or non-hybrid seeds are often packaged with planting instructions.

Aloes – Surprising Succulents

Aloes are surprisingly easy to grow. They are water-wise and an essential for every garden. They are incredibly hardy but their hardiness is just part of their charm.

The Joy of Magnolias

In early spring, the magnolia is one of the garden’s most welcome arrivals. Its large felt covered buds open from late April until early May, providing welcome colour with its globe-like flowers. Magnolia trees can be accommodated in all sizes of garden. They can be small and delicate with a height of around 3m or grow to impressive proportions of up to 20m. Here is a short guide to growing magnolias and looking after them, along with some stunning varieties for your garden.

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