Gardening and Food Preservation (Q & A)

Garden planning should include a plan for your harvest. Planning ideas, preservation methods, answers to your gardening questions, Gardener Scott’s gardening philosophy and much more. Your Gardening Week (Live) #50

The referenced preservation book:
“Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving” –

1:10 – Mushrooms
4:05 – Livestream Background Pic: April
5:30 – Peat Post and Transplanting
9:05 – Preservation
11:45 – Preserving Eggs
12:55 – Pickling/Fermentation
23:55 – Temperature for Pepper Starts
26:05 – Preserving: Freezing
29:05 – Theme Gardens
30:50 – Bottom Watering
34:10 – Self-Watering Seed Tray
35:30 – Blanching Vegetables
36:00 – Three Sisters
37:00 – Soil Blocks
39:50 – 50th Livestream
42:45 – Height of Grow Lights
43:45 – Pulling Tomato Plants/Ripening/Green Tomatoes
46:15 – Inverted Growing
47:35 – Ball Blue Book
49:40 – Preserving: Jelly/Jam
51:25 – Stuck Seed Shells
53:00 – Blanching Fruit
55:25 – Testing Viability of Seeds
56:55 – Preservation: Dehydrating
1:01:00 – Storing Onions/Potatoes
1:03:35 – Preserving: Baking and Freezing
1:05:30 – Moving Seedlings and Small Plants
1:08:35 – Hardening Off Tomatoes
1:12:10 – Heirloom Tomatoes
1:13:40 – Preservation: Meals
1:14:30 – Preservation: Making Tea/Dips/Mixes
1:17:00 – The Urban Gardener
1:19:45 – Cherry Tomatoes and Snacking in the Garden
1:22:35 – GS’ Favorite Plant
1:24:25 – Jerusalem Artichokes
1:25:10 – Beets
1:26:40 – Pests and Lacy Leaves
1:27:40 – GS Philosophy: Planning for the End of the Season

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“How to Make Sauerkraut” –
“How to Make Old-Fashioned Pickles” –
“Understanding Soil Blocks” –
“How to Make Jelly with Pectin” –
“How to Dry Herbs” –
“The Best Zucchini Bread” –

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