Garden Transition from Spring to Summer (Q&A)

Gardener Scott discusses basics of summer weather issues, succession planting, and plant biology; and answers gardening questions, shares his gardening philosophy and much more. Your Gardening Week (Live) #66

Spring clamp assortment:

1:30 – Weather: Heat and Humidity
8:30 – Lactic Acid
9:40 – Humidity
10:20 – Corn
13:20 – Cotton
15:30 – Shade Cloth and Hoops
17:45 – Bolting
22:40 – Transplanting Strawberries
25:30 – Birdhouse Gourds
28:45 – Shade Cloth
34:25 – Livestream Background Pic: Andre
36:30 – Bird Netting
40:15 – Bird Feeders
41:45 – Raising pH of Soil/Yellow Leaves
46:20 – Yellowing Tomato Leaves
49:30 – Overwatering Pine
51:15 – Rust on Elderberry
52:35 – Potted Strawberries
54:35 – Ideal Soil Ratios
58:40 – Seaweed
1:00:25 – Transpiration: How Plants Breathe
1:09:10 – Too Much Water/Over-Fertilizing
1:11:55 – Harvesting Garlic Late
1:14:15 – Aminopyralids and Testing Soil
1:22:00 – GS Philosophy: How Long Will You Garden?

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