From Seed To Harvest – Day 1 ( Viparspectra Test )

I am starting a grow series with the Viparspectra XS1500, I’m going to be testing this light and seeing what kind of fruit and vegetables can be growing indoors with it and see how well lights in this wattage class perform.

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200 True Watts
For High Yield Fruiting and Vegetable Plants
Niello – ( STRONG )

40 True Watts
Houseplants/leafy greens ( great for shelves )
Barrina Full Spectrum –

36 True Watts
Works great in light fixtures

Random Necessities_______________________________________________

Timers For Your Lights –
Temperature and Humidity Meter –
The Greatest Mister Ever –
Chikamasa Garden Scissors –


Fungus Gnat Removal (leverages a bacteria that kills only fungus gnats and mosquitos)
Mosquito Bits –
Sphagnum Moss –
Orchid/Aroid Mix –

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