Downsizing 2 Giant Houseplant Planters! | Repotting for Fall

This afternoon I’m working to downsize 2 of my gigantic porch planters (both waaaay to big to bring inside as is)–13 plants in total–by repotting the individual plants into 7 new multi-plant and single plant pots. Remember to backfill the new planters!

First New Planter
1. Alocasia Polly
2. Castiron Plant
3. Chinese Evergreen Cutlass
4. Calathea warscewiczii

Second New Planter
5. Sansevieria Zeylanica
6. Monstera deliciosa
7. Marble Queen Pothos

Third New Planter
8. Imperial Red Philodendron

Fourth New Planter
9. Dieffenbachia Tropic Snow

Fifth New Planter
10. Homalomena Selby
11. Scindapsus pictus

Sixth New Planter
12. Dracaena

Seventh New Planter
13. Moonshine Sansevieria

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