Do I Still Love These Plants? | Rating Common Houseplants

In this video we’re going to look back at some of the very first houseplants I got back when I first started my houseplant journey. These are mostly common houseplants that have either lost its popularity of have been forgotten by the plant community. I thought why not give these cool houseplants some screen time here on YouTube and let’s review, react and rate them to see if I still love these houseplants or not.

If you’re new to your plant journey and looking for some ideas or suggestions on which plants to get then, this video is for you.

Some of these houseplants have gone through quiet a bit of change since getting them over three years ago. While others have grown from baby plant to a beautiful large houseplant I can’t live without, others are not doing so well and can probably be ok to just let it cross over to the other side. Lol

00:00 Skit
0:28 – About
1:40 Pearls and Jade Pothos
3:35 Bird of Paradise
5:20 ZZ Plant
7:09 Ficus Elastica Burgundy
8:39 Pilea Peperomioides
11:01 Sansevieria Whalefin
12:38 Hoya Macrophylla
14:18 Aloe Vera
16:13 Jade Plant
17:31 Reasons to love common houseplants

And if you haven’t seen my my previous video where I reviewed and rated houseplants that I don’t have in my collection, which were more Wishlist or rare type of plants, you can watch it here:

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