DIY Vertical Succulent Garden

Using Herbs As Companion Plants

Companion planting is widely practiced in organic gardening. It is an effective and natural way to protect your garden from insect pests and promote healthy growth among all your plants. Some herbs in particular have a good effect on the growth, taste and health of other crops. Here is a guide to which plants some of the most common herbs are thought to be good companions for.

Wild Flowers That Help Attract Wildlife Into Your Garden

The definition of a wild flower is one that is native to the country and hasn’t been cultivated or modified by breeding. Wild flowers have long been important to us for their healing properties but are more important to maintaining a healthy eco-system. They attract beneficial insects into the garden which in turn then help to fertilise our crops and provide food themselves for other wildlife. If this is not reason enough to grow wild flowers in your garden, then consider how useful they are for parts of the garden that are difficult to cultivate conventionally such as steep slopes, overly dry ground, or areas where the soil is poor. Here are a few varieties of wild flower that are especially useful in attracting wildlife into your garden.

Easy Aquaponics

This article is about the many aspects of Aquaponics. The aim of this article is to inform individuals on making a good decision when considering sticking their fingers in the aquaponics pie.

Garden Aerator

This article explains why you should consider using and employing a garden aerator. This is often not properly understood and an often confused part of the gardening process and this article hopefully will explain how easy and very important it is to do.

Simple Gardening – Tips for Beginners

Learn about the different types of soil and how to water your plants. You also have to be aware of the most common mistakes gardeners can commit.

Using Clay Pebbles In The Bottom Of Pots

Clay pebbles can be a very economic alternative for those with home gardens. While they may not be recommended for use in large pots due to their subpar nutrient-lifting properties, they can be quite effective when used in small pots and containers. Also, unlike other fillers clay pebbles can also be rinsed and re-washed indefinitely, usually pH neutral, and their round shape allows for ample ventilation throughout the pot, aerating the roots and preventing them from rotting.

Ladybugs, the Garden Savior

This is a look at using live ladybugs as an organic alternative to harmful chemical pesticides and sprays. Find out why ladybugs are one of the best general garden predators!

How To Grow Garlic and Some Varieties to Grow

Allium sativum or garlic is a member of the onion family of plants. It is also closely related to leeks, shallots and chives. Originally native to central Asia, garlic has become a staple for both culinary and medicinal purposes, particularly in Mediterranean countries. Garlic is very easy to grow and will grow all-year-round in very mild climates. Here is a short guide on how to plant garlic and some of the best varieties to grow.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Garden Gate

Garden gates are one of the most loved fences by most people in terms of aesthetic measures. Wooden types are actually the top most preferred type when it comes to the entrance of the house. This is due to its simplicity which basically matches any house theme one could ever think of. A lot of people prefer to set up fences for some other reasons- it may be entrance, driveway, or perhaps the garden types.

Can You Use A Wood Chipper To Make Mulch?

Plenty of dedicated gardeners will spend hundreds of dollars each year on organic bark mulch for use on their properties, but have you ever wondered whether there is a cheaper way to do this? Chances are, if you’re a dedicated gardener you have a wood chipper of some kind – did you know that you can use this machine to make your own organic bark mulch (and for a fraction of the price of buying bags of it)? Wood mulch that is created using a wood chipper (more commonly known as chipper debris) is composed of a mixture of…

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