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Daisies – Flowers That Heal

A daisies bouquet is a wonderful gift because there are only positive meanings attached to these flowers. However, their beauty does not stop at their appearance nor does it do so at their meanings. They have both a legend to support them, and a belief which holds them as a kind of prophets, able to reveal one’s feelings.

Colorful Innocence

Gerbera daisies are very popular in the world because of their vibrant colors and beautiful appearance. A gerbera daisies bouquet is great for absolutely any occasion, whether special or not, and creating one is not a hard task at all.

The Bold Rose of China

Hibiscus flowers are beautiful and widely appreciated across the world for both their beauty and their delicious-tasting tea. A hibiscus bouquet will certainly brighten up an entire room, just as others such bouquets have done for centuries and centuries.

Color Changing Vanity

Hydrangeas are very unique flowers, because they are capable of changing their colors. A hydrangeas bouquet is beautiful surprise, and though it may not always convey the most positive meaning, it can still bring a drop of magical colors.

Lilies – Flower of the Gods

Lilies are extremely elegant flowers which have been historically associated with many goddesses. Being mentioned first about 5000 years ago, they have clearly been appreciated and loved for a very long period of time. These are just a few of the reasons why a lilies bouquet is a great addition to any household.

Broccoli: From Seed to Harvest

Where do I begin with just how much better home grown broccoli tastes over store bought nameless varieties? Maybe I am a bit biased because I think everything I eat from my garden tastes better, but I am sure I am not alone with this assessment.

Plants Require More Than Just NPK to Grow

So many of us will apply some form of fertilizer containing NPK – Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium to the soil to feed our plants. However, plants require many other trace elements to grow optimally and relying on the above 3 nutrients will cause problems, such as pest and diseases. This article highlights the role trace elements play and there importance in maintaining healthy plant growth.

Garden Design – How to Plan Your Garden and Make a Garden Project?

Garden design. How to plan your garden – how to create a successful garden project? Where to start, what should be analysed, which aspects taken into consideration, how to make a beautiful design? A professional landscape architect shares her long-term experience in garden design.

The Words of a Tulips Bouquet

Tulips bouquets are a great gift, and they also bring a well-deserved reminder of spring after a long and cold winter. With a legend of passion and true love which stands beside them to prove their importance, tulips have many meanings that give them words, though they are unable to speak. Sometimes, the perfect meaning, however, is achieved when one creates his or her own bouquet, by combining colors.

Cool Garden Sails

Are you looking to shade a portion of your garden? Well look no further. While umbrellas work great for an outdoor dining setting you may want something bigger like garden sails or canopies to keep you out of the sun.

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