Gardening In The 60’s

Gardening in the 60’s is not the same as today, but that is where my gardening roots are and I am glad that I got to learn gardening back then. Gardening to day is a lot different than back in the 60’s due in part by the rapid advance in technology over the last 40 years.

Container Vegetable Gardening Basics

Gardening can be a lot of fun, but for those who do not have a yard or sufficient space to spread out, container gardening is a great alternative. Not only is container vegetable gardening easy for beginners to pick up, it’s also possible to grow a large variety of vegetables in a container garden. In order to grow a successful container garden, there are a few basic tips that can help you get started.

Tomato Pest Prevention Surprise

If you battle insect pests that invade your tomato plants in your home garden every year, you need to read this surprising article. It explains a free, and simple to do solution to keep pests from ruining your tomato plants without using chemicals. Great solution if you want to produce organic vegetables.

Shakespeare Is To Blame For the Release of European Starlings in America

A flock of birds likely to descend on your back yard might well consist of European Starlings. These birds are very aggressive and can be very annoying. They are not the target species of most bird enthusiasts.

Contemporary Planters

Contemporary or modern planters are perhaps synonymous with the innovative show gardens of designers at Chelsea and other well known garden shows. However, if your tastes are more modern than traditional and you want to translate that into the design of your garden, then the more contemporary style of garden planter is going to better compliment your home. The internet gives us a wealth of choice when it comes to garden planters and contemporary planters are no exception. So which to go for? and what are the benefits of buying planters made from more modern materials?

Things to Know About the Most Fragrant Roses

Studies show that the most fragrant roses are found in certain seasons of the year. But it has also been proven time and time again that some varieties are more fragrant than others. Although roses may have the same chemical compositions responsible for the scent, the reactions may be different. This may sound scientific to some readers but chemicals like alcohol, aldehydes and carbonic acid are responsible for the scent created by the roses. Most fragrant roses mean that these chemicals are present in larger amounts or concentrations than that of others.

Tips For Aquaponics DIY Enthusiasts

If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own food source in a self-sustainable system that is good for the environment and doesn’t need a lot of space, aquaponics is for you! Here are some tips on how you can build an aquaponics system at home.

Choosing Plants and Trees for Adelaide Gardens

You may be looking to renew your existing garden or, if you are building a new home, to create a brand new garden. Adelaide has some unique soil and weather conditions that it is important to consider when you are planning a garden, and so this article is designed to help you begin the process. We give you some general guidance on plant types, and pose a series of questions to help you decide what type of garden will best you and your lifestyle.

Tranquility of a Japanese Garden

Nowadays, many people seek to find a tranquil place where they can meditate and find peace within themselves. Most gardens are ideal such places, where house owners can relax and please their souls with the beauty of nature. Of course, one can choose among various garden styles, from traditional English gardens to tropical gardens and Asian gardens, which combine tranquil nature with symbolic items like the Koi ponds and the Asian pergolas.

Discovering Different Types of Greenhouses

The greenhouse trend has provided numerous benefits for gardening enthusiasts from its practicality to the possibility of extended harvests. From the small enclosure designed for the backyard to larger structures for crops, there are many types of greenhouses that may be built depending on the purpose for its use.

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