Cold Resistant Succulent Varieties

Growing Fresh Herbs

Growing your own herbs outside may not be possible year-round. However, most herbs can be grown indoors and kept for the entire year, ready for cooking at any time.

Gardening 101 – PH of Soil Is CRITICAL to Maximize Uptake of Macro and Micro Nutrients

There is a saying “Feed the Soil Not the Plant” that every organic gardener should live by. BUT without the pH of soil being in an optimal range a plant has problems absorbing available nutrients. Many times a gardener may think his plants have a disease when it is really a pH problem. Another problem is a high pH of soil can look like the nitrogen in soil, potassium in soil, or the phosphorus in soil is deficient. The pH of soil is the lifeblood of any garden.

How to Design a Flag

Flags are fabric banners that display a specific design, company logo or message. They have many uses, including attracting the attention of new customers, displaying a national symbol or just increasing the attractiveness of an area.

How To Keep Your Garden Pest-Free Naturally

Keeping your garden pest-free might prove to be a big challenge. However, you can avoid using harsh chemicals and other manufactured products, if you try these natural pest-repellents.

Microgreens: Bring Spring Inside

Learn how to bring spring indoors by growing tasty, nutritious microgreens right at home. Spruce up all your favorite foods and snap out of your winter funk!

Numerous Benefits of Growing Your Own Food

There are numerous benefits about growing your own food. One of the benefits is to reduce your grocery expenses. Eating healthy foods is another benefit.

On Rescuing Baby Birds Found on the Ground

Many people with the best of intentions hurry to the rescue of baby birds they find on the ground. In more cases than not, this is a job best left either to the adult birds or to a wildlife rescue center.

Herbs for Edible Walls

Whilst you can grow a wide variety of plants and shrubs in a living wall, or, if you prefer, an edible wall, one of the most popular types of plants to grow, for obvious reasons, are herbs. This article will outline a few of the many herbs which are ideal for use in edible walls and vertical allotments.

Some Great Ideas For A Perfect Vegetable Garden

Are you one of those lucky people that are blessed with green fingers? Do you ever wish that instead of your huge lawn; you had a lovely vegetable garden as well? Just imagine the joy growing your own vegetables.

Garden House: Building An Orchid House

Standing as an effective alternative to the traditional backyard Eden, the garden house offer better flexibility to create your own orchid house. It is indeed the time to add wings to your outdoor innovations and imaginations while turning your garden house into a sensational garden with striking parade of color, life, vivacity and beauty of the delicate and exotic orchids.

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