Can You Grow Colorful Succulents?

Enjoying Some Gardening With a Greenhouse

People have different interests. Some prefer sports while others enjoy painting. Another hobby for those that love plants is gardening. Equipped with the proper tools and equipment, the person can beautify the home and enjoy the compliments of neighbors.

Why Calcium Is So Important in Hydroponics?

The use of hydroponics to grow plants does not involve the use of soil, instead a steady supply of nutrients is used to enable the plant to grow. An important mineral of which is calcium. This article explains why calcium is necessary for successful plant growth.

Free Greenhouse Plan for You

A greenhouse should have a well-planned misting propagation system. This is very essential in propagating and growing healthier plants and crops. The system should have the ability to maintain the moisture and humidity of the air.

5 Essential Commercial Greenhouse Equipments That a Grower Must Have

Commercial greenhouses in the United States are in speedy growth. In Georgia alone, this great state has over 11 million square feet that holds all of the available commercial greenhouses within the state’s jurisdiction. The apparently ravenous craving for new diversities as far as vegetation and floriculture commerce and trade industry is concerned.

Weeping Willow – The Perfect Landscaping Tree?

The weeping willow tree is a favorite among gardeners and landscapers. This versatile tree comes in many different varieties and can thrive in many different soil types. It can be trained to fill in large spaces or accent small areas. This tree will quickly become your favorite too.

Leylandii – From a Nursery to You

From a nursery to you – know how the Leylandii you order reaches your doorstep. Most gardeners order hedges from an online nursery. With convenience and value for money, a buyer gets this as a popular choice for the wise gardener.

GERMINATING SEEDS – What Method Works Best for Either Indoor Hydroponic Gardens or Soil Gardens?

There are many ways out there that people use to germinate seeds for their gardens. We’ll explore a lot of your favorites and maybe learn some new ideas to try.

The Benefits of Growing Green Manure

Green manure has long been an essential part of organic farming. It is a type of cover crop that is grown primarily to add nutrients and organic matter to the soil. However, some of the plants used in green manures are often beautiful and decorative in their own right and when used in the garden or on the vegetable patch, are not only beneficial to the soil but can also provide us with an inspirational show of colour.

Growing Culinary Herbs In An Urban Environment

Many people who live in apartments in an urban environment believe that the only horticultural options available to them are houseplants. But with just a few clay pots and some high quality potting soil, even those with only a tiny patio can grow…

Choose and Care for Your Leylandii

Most gardeners prefer to have a natural hedge as opposed to having just a brick or stone wall. A hedge’s purpose may be general, for instance, just to mark the boundary of your property. Or, it may be as specific as creating a secluded area in your own garden away from neighbors and sheltered from the breeze.

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