Cactus Plants – 12 Types of Cactus you can Grow at Home

Top 5 Most Important Garden Tools

Garages and garden sheds everywhere are full of tools and gadgets that rarely get used as much as originally envisioned, so to save room in the shed and save money at the store, focus on these important garden tools. A wall of tools is not really…

Sunlight Supply and Efficiency

When it comes to sunlight supply in a greenhouse energy costs can be quite expensive. Sunlight supply accounts for some of the major operating costs of running a greenhouse. Keeping powerful lights on all of your plans in order to help them grow is not only necessary for quality product but is just part of the cost of doing business in the greenhouse industry. It is possible however to save a bit of money in your operating costs by phasing out any inefficient bulbs and fixtures that you may have within your indoor lighting and within your greenhouse.

Can You Have Too Many Wild Bird Houses?

Can your garden have too many wild bird houses? The answer is yes…and no.

Birdhouse Dimensions

Birdhouses dimensions must be built to specification for each type of bird. Here are some specifics:   The house for Chickadee must have a floor size of 4″ x 4″. There should be 8 inches between the floor and the bottom of the entrance opening.

Organic Gardens – Plant Health Essentials

Removing all pests from your organic garden may not eliminate all your problems because your plants are susceptible to a wide-range of common plant diseases. This can cause some headaches but there are many easy and effective solutions to plant diseases. Here we shall cover the main symptoms and some of the controls available to the organic gardener.

Flowering Plants: Nutrients Needed to Survive

Even though plants can manufacture their own food and produce energy for their own consumption, they need more than sugar only. Plants need a total of sixteen different kinds of nutrients in order to grow strong and healthy, produce flowers, and bear fruits.

Air Plants Are Amazing

Of course we are biased so we want you to know what others tell us about their love of air plants. Find out why so many people love these “weird and cool” plants.

Where to Place Bird Feeders and Bird Houses in Your Garden

Providing a safe and effective location for your bird feeders and birdhouses in your garden is a simple process. Here are 6 tips, from providing the birds with squirrel-proof locations to avoiding noisy areas and offering suggestions on bird baths that will help to plan your bird-friendly habitat.

Gardening Tools for You

What makes a house more attractive is not the paint. But the well trimmed grass which grows around the yard and the sight of colorful flowers which beautifully blooms. Some consider plants as their pet; they talk to it, feed it and even spend some time with it.

Why Do You Need Survival Seeds?

When you keep food on the table, do you ever think how much you actually spend after food, and the amount of money you could save if you grew your own vegetables? According to the recent news and reports, the world’s food stock is not enough to support all in case of an unexpected disaster.

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